Below is a selection of workshops Dawn offers. If you are interested in having Dawn present one of these workshops at your business or community organization, please contact Dawn at for more details.

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Learn the four primary communication styles and the benefits and costs of each. You will also learn what assertiveness is and is not. This course is bound to improve your relationships whether they are personal or professional.

Anger – The Misunderstood Emotion
In this course we discuss the different anger styles. We will explore when anger serves a healthy purpose and when it may just be in the way of what we really want in our lives.

Effective Parenting
Like the saying goes, “kids don’t come with instructions.” Society has changed so much that the need for new parenting skills is imperative. Classes are designed for parents of children from birth to five years, five years to twelve, or parents of teens. Each class is 1 1/2 hours long and runs from three to six weeks.

Personal Growth Group for Women
This is a personal growth group made up of very capable women who are struggling with being successfully single, challenged with the dating process, or questioning the wellness fit of the one they are currently dating. Using the tools of ACT therapy and the support and experience sharing of group members this group is intended to create paradigm shifts that will lead you to a better life.

How Gender Expectations May Be Affecting Your Child
In this two-hour workshop you will discover just how your child develops a sense of gender identity, and what price our children may be paying when we take gender expectations too far.