Married To The Enemy is about the reality of how our culture divides the two sexes by arbitrarily assigning extraneous gender traits that ends up leaving many men and women not knowing their authentic selves and not knowing how to relate to the other.  This gender filter can create a human disconnect that is so detrimental to the friendship we all desire in our mate.  In the book we try to first demonstrate the reality of this chasm, then we discuss ways to release the extra gender baggage and open the door to value our partner first as a human being who also struggles and desires to find happiness in his or her life.  Ultimately, realizing the intention to lead a richer and authentic love relationship.

2 thoughts to “Why I Wrote Married to the Enemy

  • Jon Newlin

    Whether you are a man or a woman I dare you to step outside of the box you call the world you live in and hear what Dawn has to say. Have you ever been amazed at something someone else thought of and made the statement “Why didn’t I think of that?” Here is your chance to make a profound difference in your life and those around you by listening to what she has to say. This is a message you will need to read maybe once, maybe again and again but read it you must. You owe it to your better self.

  • Karen Quigley Mognet

    Hello Dawn, I do not think that you remember me, I went with your dad for a long time, I did meet you one time, that was at the bar on the river in McKeesport,Pa. I think your brother was with you. I was a little stund to hear that your dad had help with some input into your book, but then on the other hand your dad could be a very loving man. I still love him and have never forgot him. I plan to get your book very soon, I live at 7 springs so getting to town is maybe every 2 or so months. I ‘m so glad to see how well you have done, God bless. Sincerely,
    Karen Quigley Mognet


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