So here I am, along with many other single men and women, looking for that person that will be a good fit. Often, we may find ourselves caught up in the looks, charm, and excitement of an individual; but is that what you are really looking for? If you are serious about finding that good fit it is best to go down deep and think about the values and the character traits that you would do well to be around. After all, charming will only get you so far when you are looking for that quality of fair mindedness of sharing house work or that quality of compassion when you are hurting. I like to have my clients make a list of their values before they begin dating so that they can be aware of what will be really important as they go forward. Time is the teller of truth, so it is essential to give the relationship time before giving away one’s heart.

Research has demonstrated that happy couples commonly have the healthy qualities of respect, trust, honesty, fairness, responsibility, and good communication skills. If you are struggling with any of these traits, you may want to consider some self-improvement before trying to find that right person. It is just as important to be the right person as it is to find him or her.

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