My book Married To The Enemy: A Guide to Overcoming the Obstacles to Intimacy When We Are Raised in a Culture that Uses Sexism and Stereotyping to Divide Us by Dawn K Kozarian and Mark James, is now available.  This book has been years in the making.  In some ways I believe I started writing it as a small girl who saw the inequities and power imbalance between the sexes and wanted to understand it even back then.  This book was very emotionally difficult to write, but it all needed to be said.  Mark is remarkably honest about the divide he saw growing up and I think everyone can gain something from it.  It is the first layer we need to peel off before we can begin to know true intimacy with our partner.  How is it that we are a country that criticizes other countries, such as India, for being oppressive yet they had a woman, Indira Gandhi, as their Prime Minister for a total of fifteen years?  Perhaps, we should look at what happens here before we reprove other societies for their gender issues.

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