Depression is more of a problem amongst men than we realize.  Depression in men is generally under diagnosed because most men are compelled to escape the vulnerable feelings that come with this sad and hopeless emotional state.  This leads them to act out through substance abuse, withdrawing, having affairs, overworking, and/or aggressively acting out against others or themselves.  Unfortunately, many boys in our culture are still being raised with emotionally unavailable fathers while being encouraged to pull away from their mothers.  This environment severely thwarts their ability to be connected to their vulnerabilities and emotions, which leaves them surely to suffer from depression in their adult years.  It is the reconnecting to their emotional life that gives them back their life.  With a desire to want something better, a willingness to look at the barriers like false belief systems, raising their awareness, and practicing a different way of being, many men successfully come out of their depression to go on and live a richer and fuller life.


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