What a concept! Blame no one… but take responsibility for what has been created around you. This idea is very counter to what seems like a knee jerk reaction when things go wrong in our life. I recently have reaped great rewards from such a concept. Someone I was dating had abruptly broken up with me. There I sat… sad and confused, then I decided to apply this “blame no one” concept. I found myself in my most empathetic place. Seeing and feeling how he heard what I had said to him. I was in his shoes seeing me through his eyes. I was humbled and rightly apologized. That empathy must have come through. This in turn created a shift in him. Since I prefer talking about instead of jumping to breaking up, this was not a relationship that was to be. It does not, however, take away from this really powerful tool. You can practice this “blame no one” concept in all your relationships and see how they will improve. But for those of you that have found your life partner, I would encourage you to practice this idea on a regular basis. Until next time may you be ever so humbled.

One thought to “Blame No One”

  • Hope

    I don’t know how one takes responsibility for the negative behavior ie physically or emotionally abusive spouse in a relationship. I can take responsibility for my reaction to the other’s negative behavior. I encourage those who are in an abusive relationship for both parties to examine what dynamics exist. If only one wants to assess the reality and take action to change, then leave the other to their demise–a broken relationship. To you, leave with your sanity for this is far more better than leaving with broken bones or self image.


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